Customized Meal Planning

You are only one meal plan away from reaching your goals. My Customized Meal Planning service* makes eating healthy super simple and fun for you.

Meal Planner

Simply choose one of my done-for-you meal plans or tell me more about you and get a customized meal plan specifically created for your dietary needs and goals


Get delicious, healthy meal ideas that are developed, tested and photographed to make life easy for you. With each recipe you get easy-to-follow prep guides and detailed nutrition information.


Based on your meal plan, your grocery shopping list will be automatically generated and added to save you even more time.

Example done-for-you Programs

There’s a growing and permanently updated library of already done-for-you programs from which to choose. Following is just a short selection

  • 40-30-30 Weight Loss Diet
  • Low Pectin Diet
  • Kid-friendly Program
  • Sugar-free Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Low Glycemic Diet
  • Whole Food Plant Based Diet
  • Postnatal Diet
  • Prenatal Diet
  • Women’s Hormone Balancing Diet
  • High Energy Diet
  • Leaky Gut Diet
  • PCOS Diet
  • Thyroid Health Diet
  • Elimination Diet
  • Anti-Candida Diet
  • Low-FODMAP Diet

Choose your option:

  • 1 week Customized Meal Plan €75
  • 2 week Customized Meal Plan €140
  • 4 week Customized Meal Plan €250

Prices for the Customized Meal Plans include the Meal Plan, all Recipes, a full Shopping List and a meal prep guide to assist you in organizing and planning, all in a single PDF format.

Contact me to set up your consultation and let me do the planning for you.

*Currently only available in English Language. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.