We all face uncertainty during this global pandemic. But uncertainty is always around us. At any time. Uncertainty is the spice of life.

Now is not the time to worry about how all this will play out. This is beyond your control. Instead, now is the time to focus on what you can control, your actions, your mindset and your effort.

This is an opportunity to maximize your well-being right now.

Are you looking to truly transforming your own health in a sustainable way? Wouldn’t it be great if you could really thrive in all aspects of your life?

Most nutrition and fitness coaching programs are just looking at short-term success, whether it’s a “12 week beach body” program or a “pre-wedding weight loss” program.

But what if I told you that food and fitness—the domains of physical health—are only 16% of what determines your long-term success?

What if you could move beyond these short-term results to something truly meaningful and sustainable, and even more inspiring?

After all…what happens to the beach body after week 13?

Or by the 10th wedding anniversary?

Can you stay at or even grow beyond your goals without feeling deprived, hungry and miserable?

I strongly believe you can get more ambitious—and be more effective and fulfilled—with an approach that goes far beyond the superficial.

It’s called coaching for deep health.

This is when all domains of health are in sync, instead of just the physical.

It’s not only about how you look or perform.

It’s also about how you think, respond, solve problems, and deal with the world around you.

The six domains of deep health

Deep health doesn’t come from a pill or an operation.

Deep health comes from a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods. It comes from sufficient exercise combined with genuine rest. It comes from clean air and clean water. It comes from real human connection and sincere emotional expression.

And it comes from living with purpose and joy, and using your life as an expression of these things.

As a coach for deep health, I consider the multi-dimensional thriving of a whole person in their whole life.

The six domains of deep health are deeply entwined and strongly connected.

Every domain of deep health influences eating and exercise behaviors.

That’s what coaching for deep health is all about.

Let’s see how this might look in real life.

Example 1: You are a dedicated runner with an injury.

You can’t run properly, which means you can’t train, and you’re getting deconditioned. That is the current state of your physical health.

But because of this situation, you’re also:

  • feeling depressed and frustrated (emotinal health)
  • lonely and disconnected, missing your weekend run clubs and races (relational health)
  • starting to wonder what the point of anything is (existential health)

Example 2: You work long hours at a high-stress job

You sit at a desk (which affects your physical health via inactivity and back/neck pain), and you don’t get proper sleep (physical health impact again).

Because of this situation, you’re also:

  • anxious and stressed, answering emails late at night (emotional health)
  • arguing with your partner about working too much (relational health)
  • spending most of your time in a windowless cubicel with takeout food a phone call away (environmental health)
  • on the cusp of a midlife crisis (existential health)

Now…here’s the cool part:

The problems are connected…but so are the solutions.

Struggling in one domain of deep health usually means struggling in others.

But there’s a flip side here, too.

Improving one domain can also improve others.

This is the power of deep health coaching.

Deep health looks different to everyone.

That’s why you need coaching that is individualized and thoughtful.

Deep health isn’t about rules or ideals

It’s about exploration and invitation.

I invite you to take action now and truly transform your life in a sustainable way and get in the shape of your life for the rest of your life.

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