5-Day Healthy Snacks at HomeChallenge

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, worried and even a bit helpless those last days? Now that most of us have to stay at home and work from home, with the kids around all day, it’s very easy to let go of some good habits and indulge in more comforting foods than usual. One way this can easily happen is by frequent snacking in between meals, especially when those snacks are loaded with refined sugars, chocolate or unhealthy fats.

I know how very tempting it can be to have a quick look in the fridge or pantry for just a tiny, tiny bite, but how about we make those bites the most healthy possible?

That’s why I created this

FREE 5-Day healthy Snacks at Home Challenge

All you have to do to participate is to send me a PN with your preferred email address.

✅ You‘ll receive a FREE Recipe Book (as PDF) with my 10 healthy and absolutely delicious snack favorites.

✅ You’ll be invited into a private Facebook group where you can share your photos of your snack creations and have fun connecting with other participants of the challenge.

Are you up to challenge yourself?

Let‘s do it then and have some great fun together.

The challenge will start on Friday, 03. April 2020.

Stay safe,