Your Kitchen Is The Cure

We are the first generation to spend more time watching cooking shows on TV than actually cooking in the kitchen. With devastating consequences for our health. The WHO estimates that the number of overweight and obese men in Germany will rise to almost 90% by 2030 (with the number for women being not much better at 77%). Many already find it difficult to prepare a healthy meal for themselves. They simply don’t know how! In addition, even in supermarkets they have difficulties distinguishing healthy from unhealthy products, let alone deciphering the food labels. There are now more than 60 different names for sugar alone (most end in -ose). But how could this happen when not a single week goes by whitout new books, magazines or documentaries about healthy eating and cooking being released?

This is primarily due to our industrial food system, sponsored and supported by the government, subsidized by us taxpayers who have captured our taste buds and willpower with increasingly sophisticated formulations of cheap salt, sugar and fat. Some even see it as addictive, like drugs. Why can we not rationally resist this compulsion and prefer the short-term satisfaction? Many scientists blame this on our “old brain”, whose main evolutionary tasks were to guarantee survival and reproduction. The highly processed foods trigger the immediate release of dopamine, our reward molecule, in the hippocampus. Since the old brain has already made the decision before our “new brain” (executive function in the frontal cortex) can rationally decide against it. So it is difficult for many people to break out of this vicious circle. Nobody wants to become obese or consciously overeat on an unhealthy diet. They simply lack the knowledge to develop successful strategies for a long-term and sustainable healthy diet. This is the resason I use coaching methods that are personalized and sustainable. Would you like to find out more about my coaching offerings?